How to mask field values for password fields

Display a fields answer as *'s

The answer types for questions in Kinetic do not include a question type of password. However, you can turn any text question into one by adding a render attribute of name 'type' with a value of 'password'. Note that this changes the way the field renders, but not how it is saved or retrieved.

Simply drag over a text question into the desired location:


Name the question whatever you desire. It doesn't actually have to be named anything to do with password, we just did for the example out of a lack of creativity.

2015-11-18 11-35-322015-11-18 11-35-32

Then scroll down to the render attributes and then enter one with a name of 'type' and a value of 'password'.


Be sure to click the Add Attribute button so that it appears as an Added Attribute.


Save your service item.

Now when you view/preview your service item, and you type into that field, it will appear as a password field:


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