Tech Bar User Guide

The inital part of this user guide is for end users who are scheduling and managing their personal appointments. The other is for individuals managing the tech bar, eg. setting the tech bar techs and schedule.


What is Tech Bar?

The Kinetic Data Tech Bar Solution is a tool that complements walk-in/in person service centers by enabling users to self-schedule appointments, enabling companies to support multiple Tech Bars in a single installation, and enabling support staff with a queue of pending appointments.

Each Tech Bar can be configured uniquely to support various purposes, operating hours, and available resources. Tech Bars can be configured for user sign-in upon arrival, walk-in registration as well as to capture immediate feedback via an exit satisfaction survey.

This soluton empowers your staff both before and behind the service center desk.

Major Components

Tech Bar is made up of three major components: Scheduler, Tech Bars, and Queue.


The Scheduler component defines the rules related to the availability of resources, times of availability, and more. This is what allows the scheduling of times and resources.

Tech Bar

Tech Bars are technical representations of what are often physical locations where people come to have issues investigated and resolved. The Tech Bar Solution leverages a scheduler and adds capabilities to support the physical Tech Bar locations such as a check-in screen, an overhead display screen, and a feedback mechanism. Additionally, a Tech Bar gathers metrics on a daily and monthly basis to provide a dashboard and trending data.


Queue is a fulfillment component that allows Tech Bar agents to see, document, and resolve issues.