Working and Closing that Walk In Appointment

Anne Rosebery

Now that someone (you) has checked into the Tech Bar, they will need to have their issue worked. This is done in Queue. Go back to the tab with the Tech Bar home screen. Then click on the waffle icon in the header to switch over to Queue.

TechBar Top Menu-queue

Once in Queue, you will want to click on your Tech Bar in the left sidebar under 'Team Filters'.


You will then see the two items you created, both the scheduled appointment for today that has not yet checked in and the walk in.


You will see that the walk in is indicated with ** Walk In **, and if the other appoint were checked in, you would see ** Checked In ** at the beginning of its summary.

Select the walk in appointment by clicking on it. This will bring up the details of the appointment.


Click 'Grab It' to take ownership of the appointment, and then 'Work It' to begin working the Appointment.

Work It

Then it is a matter of filling in the appropriate details. The only required details is the status, which will require the resolution for a status of Complete.


Note: You will also be able to see the scheduled appointment you made, since it was made as the same user. The user's appointments Upcoming and Past Appointments will be listed.

If you click the Team Filter for the Tech Bar after completing the walk in, you will see that your scheduled appointment is still there, but the walk in is gone.