Schedule an Appointment

Anne Rosebery

Your Tech Bar install will come with one default Tech Bar set up. This is the tech bar that will be used throughout the Getting Started steps and can be used as a basis of your own Tech Bars.

To schedule an appointment, click the schedule button.


Then fill in the screen presented from top to bottom, starting with the Summary and Details and then clicking on the 'Select Date and Time' button to select a desired date and time.

Note: You do not need to select an event type because the default Tech Bar only has one event type.


Select a time for today, which is the default date setting for the date/time selector that appears.


And click 'Reserve Time'. You will then see the count down for that reservation begin.


Click 'Create Appointment'. This will take you back to the home Tech Bar screen where you will now see the appointment you made in your upcoming appointments. You will also recieve a notification about your new appointment.