Check In as a Walk In

Anne Rosebery

It is possible for a Tech Bar to be configured to allow walk ins. Let's go through that process now. Scheduling your appointment in the previous step left you on the Tech Bar home screen. Most likely there is no left sidebar expanded. Click on the icon in the far upper left to expand the left sidebar.


This sidebar will have the Tech Bar listed.


Click on the ellipses next to Tech Bar to expose the options for the screens that are used at a Tech Bar: Check In, Feedback, and Overhead.


Select Check In. This will open (in a new tab) the Check In Screen that users would see when they arrived to check in at the Tech Bar.


Of course, the walk in option will only be available for Tech Bars that allow walk in. Click that option now. This will take you to a screen to fill out similar details to what you filled out when you scheduled an appointment.


Picking a time is not necessary because you are a walk in and will be served as time allows for the staff present. Fill out the screen and click 'Check In'. This will take you back to the Check In screen and will not send you a notification, as you are already present for your appointment.