Adding an Agent

Anne Rosebery

Adding a Front Desk user gave you a glimpse at the Tech Bar settings, now let's take a look at the Scheduler settings by adding an Agent to the Scheduler for the Tech Bar. An Agent is someone who will be working Tech Bar appointments.

From the Tech Bar settings, you should see Schedulers in the left sidebar. Click on Schedulers.

TechBar Settings Menu1

Then select the Scheduler by clicking on it's name. This will show all of the details associated with the scheduler, including Managers, Agents, Event Types, and Availability.


Click on the Agents tab to see the Agents listed. You will be the only agent.


Click 'Add Agent' to add a new agent. This present an add user screen much like that you used to add a Front Desk User.


Instead of creating a user, start typing the name or email of the user you already created. You should be able to select them once you have typed a few characters. Select them and click 'Add'.