Adding a Front Desk User

Anne Rosebery

Now that you have a basic idea of how appointments can be made, how check in happens, and how appointments are worked, it is time to get a look at the back end of things. Let's start this by adding a Front Desk User to the Tech Bar.

A Front Desk User is someone who can pull up the check in, feedback, and overhead screens. Someone who has this role may have other Tech Bar roles as well.

To start, let's head back from Queue to Tech Bar by selecting Tech Bar from the menu in the header.

TechBar Top Menu1

Once here, expand the left side bar if it is not open.

TechBar Side Menu1

At the very bottom of this sidebar will be an option to view Settings. Click on Settings.

This will take you to the Tech Bar Settings by Default. This is where you want to be.


Click on the Tech Bar name to select it. This will show you the details for the Tech Bar, including the Front Desk Users and Appointments.


You will be the only Front Desk User. Click 'Add User' to add another. This will present the screen where you can start typing to select an existing user in the system or where you can click the link provided to create new user.


You are the only user in the system, so you will need to use the 'create new user' option. This will present you with a simple screen to add the user.


Fill this out and your new user will appear as a Front Desk User. The user will also recieve a notification inviting them to the Tech Bar space.