Managing a Tech Bar

Anne Rosebery
Tech Bar Managers, Tech Bar Agents

Tech Bars have just a few settings beyond those of the Scheduler they are tied to:

Tech Bar Config

  • Allow Walk-ins: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If ‘Yes’ is selected, a Walk-In option will appear on the Tech Bar’s Check In screen. If ‘No’, the Walk-In option will not appear.
  • Feedback Identification: Choose ‘Required’, ‘Optional’, or ‘Hidden’. Required means when a user provides feedback, they must also identify themselves by lookup up their appointment or walk-in event. Optional means when a user provides feedback, they are asked to identify themselves, but do not need to provide the information. Hidden means the user is not asked for any identifying information upon providing feedback.

Front Desk Users

The Front Desk role gives access to launching the Check In, Overhead Display, and Feedback pages on the appropriate Tech Bar equipment.

Appointment Display

It might be necessary for a Manager or Agent to review scheduled appointments from previous days, the current day, or future days. The primary need for this is when a change needs to be made for future appointments. If a Tech Bar agent is unavailable, the Tech Bar may be overscheduled. It is the responsibility of the Tech Bar manager to adjust the Scheduler’s settings appropriately (if necessary), and also to check if there are any scheduling concerns.

Note: Since there is no correlation between agents working and scheduling slots, there may be no action required. The Tech Bar Solution delegates control to the managers for processing.

Reviewing Appointments

The bottom portion of the Tech Bar display shows scheduled appointments. The default display is the current date. Use the ‘<’ and ‘>’ buttons to move backward or forward one day. The date adjusted to show the date being displayed.


Click on the summary column of any appointment to see details.


Open appointments where the user has yet checked in can be rescheduled or canceled from this screen.

Tip: While the user will receive an email for any changes made to their appointments, it is good practice to consult with the user in advance.