Service Administration

James Davies

Every service has configuration that has to do with how and where it shows up and how the preconfigured process runs.

Service Categorization

Categories determine where a user will find the service if browsing.



Attributes that allow for customization of the prebuilt process for each service are specified within each service. If they are left blank in the service, they will default to the setting for these attributes at the kapp level.


Approvals are an optional part of the preconfigured process. You can specify none, individual, manager, or team, and if you specify individual or team you need to specify who.


You also specify the approval form. This allows approvals to be specific to the process without the workflow needing to change.

Fulfillment Routing & Due Dates

Fulfillment Routing and Due Dates are also attributes that can be specified per service. This allows each service to routine it's fulfillment to the appropriate team and have the appropriate dates.



Notifications are sent by the preconfigured process upon creation of the submission and upon completion of the fulfillment process. Which templates are used can be specified per service.