Make a Request

James Davies
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Finding a Service

The first step to making a request is finding the service you wish to request. This can be done two ways, via search or via browse.

Searching for a Service

Any active service request can be found by searching for any word in the category, service name, or service description in the search box on the main page of the Service Portal.


This will take you to a search result page where you can select the desired service from the results or search again if the desired service was not found.


Browsing for a Service

On the bottom right of the Service Portal home are a listing of categories. Clicking on any of these will take you to a list of services available in that category.


Enter Details & Request

Once you have selected to the service request, you will need to fill in whatever fields/details are needed for that particular request. In the example displayed below, the required fields are marked with a red star by the question name.

Move Example

Once the data has been entered, select the "Submit" button in the lower left to submit the request.

Confirmation & Check Status

Submitting the request will take you to a confirmation screen that will also allow you to check the status of your request. This page provides the status, confirmation number, ability to clone, comment on, or cancel the request, ability to review the request, and a timeline of activies that have taken place for that request. This view will actively update as items are added to the timeline.


This confirmation page offers the same view as the request screen you can always return to to checkhe status of your request.

What's Next?

Now that you have submitted a request, let's have a look at the fulfillment of this request.