Status of a Request

Norm Orstad

Find the Request You Made

You can find a request you made one of two ways. The most recent requests are shown on your home page, and all your requests are available in the My Requests console.

Recent Requests

Recently updated requests are shown on the home page for your convenience. This section shows just a summary of a few of the most recently updated requests with a link to the full details for those few requests. There is also a link to the My Requests console.

My Requests

This page allows you to see all requests you've made within the Service Portal You can see requests in the following categories:

  • All
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Draft (unsubmitted)

The All list will contain all your requests sorted by most recently updated. The Open list will contain those submitted that are not yet completed or cancelled. The closed list will contain all completed and cancelled items, and the draft list will contain all submissions you have saved but not yet submitted.

The statuses are visible in their different colors on the right side of each request in the list.


If a request is clicked on, you will enter it's details, where the status is at the upper left of the screen and at the bottom of the visible workflow. Note that if you click on a draft request you will be taken into the request to complete the submission instead of seeing a status, since it is not yet submitted.