Navigating Queue

Anne Ramey


Default Filters

Queue comes with a set of default filters:

  • Mine
  • Unassigned
  • Created By Me

These give you immediate visibility into the open work assigned to you, the open unassigned work on your teams, and the open tasks you have created.

Custom Filters

You also have the capability of making custom filters. These can include any combination of:

  • Teams
  • Assignment
  • Status
  • Date Range

And can be sorted by:

  • Created date
  • Updated date
  • Closed date
  • Due date

Custom filters can be applied for a one time quick search or saved as a filter you will use repeatedly.


Queue allows an item to be assigned to any individual in any team. To take an item, if it is not yet assigned to you, you simply click the "Grab It" button. To work an item, simply click the "Work It" button. This will expose any custom fields on the work order as well as the status, etc.

If the item was assigned to the wrong team, you can reassign by clicking the arrow icon in the assignment field. This will allow you to reassign to any available team and/or person. If desired, you can type in this field to narrow the selections.