Checking the status of a Request

Anne Ramey

Recent Requests (Services main page)

Your five most recent requests will display in the lower left of the Services main page. These are the five most recently updated requests. This means if something was recently updated by an approver or fulfiller (so it is now in progress or completed), it will show up right on the main page for you to see that update.

My Requests

There are two different ways to get to the full list of your requests. Above the list of five most recent requests, is a "View All" link. This will take you to a full listing. Also, the side-bar for Services, always available within Services, allows you to go directly to your lists of All, Open, Closed, and Draft requests.

Request Progress

At any time after submitting a request, you can select that request from "My Requests" to see the details of the fulfillment process. This will show the submission activity, from the successful submission of the request to the latest fulfillment activity, for your request.

Commenting on a Request

On this detail screen for your request, you can also comment on your request. The comment will go to whatever open fulfillment task exists. So, if the request is currently awaiting approval, the comment will go to the approver(s). If the request is in fulfillment, the comment will go to the fulfiller(s). This allows you to communicate changes or updates on your request to the people working your request.

Cancelling a Request

Also on this detail screen for your request is the ability to request to cancel. Note that this doesn't automatically cancel your request. This sends a request to cancel to any fulfiller(s). This is done because fulfillment might be partially complete and things might need to be undone. Once the fulfiller(s) respond by cancelling their task(s), the request will show as cancelled.