Manager Training Introduction

Derick Larson
Administrators and Developers New to Kinetic


This class takes you through all the basics to create and administer Request CE. It is meant for new administrators and developers with little experience in the application.

This class is meant to be instructor led, but anyone is free to read through the material, or come back as a refresher.


The goals for the class are:

  • Understand and navigate the Request consoles
  • Be able to create Forms including pages, questions, and text elements
  • Understand Bridging and use Bridged Resources
  • Understand how to use kinops
  • Fun, please have fun. If you are not having fun, see the instructor


Class Layout

The class uses kinops, a cloud based version of Request and Task that is already configured and includes some background data and forms. Each student has access to their own kinops instance which is available for a short time after class is over.

Access to kinops is available here Click on the "try kinops today" link.



All of our documentation is available on our Community site here.

Internal Application Documentation

The following documentation is available within the application, Java/Bundles, Javascript, and REST API. Click on the Help link in the top right corner and then select Reference Docs.


Here are some basic terms in use throughout the class.

kinops - A hosted collection of our Kinetic applications that provide a way to "Streamline Everyday Work for Teams".

Queue - Fulfillment system used within kinops.

Services - Collection of Forms used within kinops. They are structured in the model of a Service Catalog.

Discussion - Used within kinops to invite and discuss issues with a variety of people.

Space - A logical partition used for some types of multi-tenancy. Spaces within an instance of the application live on the same database but contain their own data, permissions, and users.

Kapp - A collection of related forms within a Space. A service catalog is a typical example of a Kapp. Kapp stands for "Kinetic Application".

Form - Basic presentation element for kinops and Request CE. Holds questions, text and other elements. Displayed using a bundle/theme.

Slug - URL-safe, friendly name representation used by forms and other resources within the application. Slugs are unique within a Kapp.

Bundle - Defines the user experience for a Kapp including theming/branding and functionality required for end-users to interact with an application. A bundle consists of files such as Java Server Pages (JSPs), Javascript, CSS, images and other resources required for a web application.

Console Basics

A quick tour of the consoles to get you into the front end application

Starting from the kinops Home page, select Settings in the bottom left corner:

kinops Home

After clicking Settings, click on the Kinetic Request Admin link again in the bottom left to open the Request CE consoles.

kinops home with app options

When the Request console opens, it will show the Overview for your Space.

request space overview

You can see the other Kapps listed below. Later in the class you will learn about some of the space consoles, but for now, open the Services Kapp, and select Forms to see where the next few articles will start.

services forms

In the Next Article

In the next article, we'll look at the different ways to create a form.