Advanced Platform Training Overview (200)

Derick Larson
Developers that have completed the 100 level videos
Expected to have completed and understood Basic Training Videos.

Introduction and Vocabulary

This advanced class is meant to come after understanding all the 100 level articles and videos. The topics covered build and improve on the previous story.

Topics Covered

Here's a selection of the topics covered

Front-End Forms

  • Datastores
  • Models
  • Bridging
  • Events

Workflow Processes

  • Webhooks
  • Loops


The following terms (plus a few others) are used in the articles and videos.

  • Bridges allow form builders to interact with data in other systems. The interaction is normally via an API and is read-only (there are exceptions). A model uses the bridge to define the data returned and the qualifications used.
  • Models built on a Bridge, the model defines how the data is queried and what data is returned. The Model also defines a friendly reference for Form builders to use.
  • Events Used to add both low-code and "as much code as you want" responsiveness and actions to Forms.
  • Webhook connects front-end actions to back-end processes using the Task Engine API
  • Runs & Errors Results of back-end processing including inputs and results from all nodes that were processed and any errors that occurred.


The topics listed are driving the goals for this set of articles.

  • Understand Models
  • Use a Datastore to display data on a Form
  • Combine an event and data from a Datastore
  • Understand how Webhooks interact with
  • Use Loops in workflow
  • How to Troubleshooting Errors