Task Upgrade Guide

Anne Ramey


*This version of Kinetic Task includes the latest Kinetic Request CE source consumer which uses an updated Tree naming convention. Previous Kinetic Request CE consumers followed a Tree naming convention of ( kapp-slug > form-slug :: Complete ). Trees configured with the older naming convention will continue to work normally, however they should eventually be cloned and renamed with the new convention. *

Download the .war file for the newer version.


** Note ** These upgrade instructions assume use of a Tomcat webserver. If you are using a different webserver, follow your webserver's instructions for each step.

  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Delete Tomcat Cache for Kinetic Task. tomcat_home/work/Catalina/localhost/kinetic-task
  3. Move the current kinetic-task directory (for a backup) any place outside of Tomcat.
  4. Copy the new .war file into tomcat_home/webapps.
  5. Restart Tomcat
  6. Navigate to the Task console (http://your-web-server/kinetic-task)
  7. If there were database changes made between the previous version and current version, follow the steps in the installation wizard to upgrade your database.
  8. Configure the Admin User, Database, and Sources if needed.
  9. Review/compare the Consumers from the backed up version (copied in step 3) with kinetic-task/WEB-INF/consumers. Starting in Kinetic Task v4.3 all out-of-box consumers are included with the install. If you've made customizations to your consumers, you can overwrite the ones included in the install.
  10. Copy any Consumers from the backup Consumers into the updated Consumers folder.