How to set up a bridge to Kinetic Core Submissions for one of your Forms

Anne Ramey
Form Developers
Understanding of bridging concepts and set-up

Attribute Mappings

To access the fields on the form, For example:

  • id
  • coreState
  • label
  • type
  • currentPage
  • form
  • origin
  • parent

Just enter the field as usual, but to access the values entered into the fields, you would need to enter:


into where it is asking for the field in the bridge.



Qualifications should contain the kapp slug, the form slug, and the specific qualification desired for the bridge qualification in question. Below are some examples:

  • kappSlug=admin&formSlug=delegate&values[Status]=Active&limit=999
  • kappSlug=admin&formSlug=delegate&values[Status]=Active&limit=999&values[Delegate For Id]=${parameters('User Id')}
  • kappSlug=admin&formSlug=group-source&limit=999&values[Status]=${parameters('Status')}

Note: if not specified, the limit is 50.

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