Using the Platform

Anne Ramey

While the Kinetic Platform offers an infinite scope of potential and possibilities, the reality of platform use breaks down into two groupings: you can leverage prebuilt solutions to drop in existing solutions or you can build your own solutions on the platform.

Prebuilt Solutions

Many people don't want to start with an empty platform. They don't want to go to the art store and buy a blank canvas and paints. They want to buy a painting they like that they can hang on their wall right now. They might need to frame it, but it is 90-95% ready to go. This is the world of pre-build solutions.

Solutions offer a package of functionality, both front and back-end, that perform they specified tasks. You may want to tweak things for a specialized requirements, such as corporate colors or a specific workflow need, but they are 90-95% or more of the way there.

Kinetic Data offers the following solutions ready on their platform:

  • Service Portal
  • Event Management
  • Tech Bar

Building in the Platform

There are also folks who want that blank canvas and paint. There are also folks who want to do more than minor tweaks to a solution, but see a provided solution as a good starting place on the path to their own solution. These users want to build in the platform.

Building in the platform allows a maximum of flexibility. You are limited only by your imagination. They platform's API-first applications are your paints and canvas. Your resulting applications and solutions are your kapps.