Using the Internal Documentation

    Anne Ramey
    Platform Admins, Form Developers, UI/Theme Developers

    Much of the documentation for the Kinetic platform is available inside the application(s). Keeping Documentation internally allows you to always have the documentation available when working with an application, and the documentation is always up to date for the version you are working on.

    Internal Documentation is available by clicking on the Help link in the far upper right, and then select Reference Docs.

    Internal Documentation for the front end includes information on Bundles, javascript, and the API. Workflows/back-end include information on it's API.

    There are examples, and (my favorite) interactive options in the internal documents. For example, in the API documentation for Request, you can retrieve a submission and see the response. A user is restricted to the permissions of their account in this interactive interface, but if a user has permissions to delete (ex. a space admin) their "test" deletes will actually delete items.

    Internal Docs