Can I deploy Kinetic Request CE, Kinetic Bridgehub, Kinetic Filehub, Kinetic Task, Kinetic Calendar, Kinetic Schedule, etc on the same server as Cassandra? Same server as each other? Same tomcat as each other?

Anne Ramey

We install all of the components and database on a single server with a single Tomcat for our development environments. However, for production the database should be split out into a three-node cluster (see earlier answer) and separate from the application server. Often we also see customers install Kinetic Task on a different server and load-balance this separately depending on integration/automation load.

Also, some maintenance scenarios will required a Tomcat restart, so isolating these either by load balancing or separate Tomcat instances might be recommended (example: adding a new BridgeHub adapter). This can be mitigated in some situations using the Tomcat Manager to deploy/restart a specific app versus the whole Tomcat instance. See preferred architecture diagram.