Understanding the DataViewer Library

Anne Rosebery
Form Developers

What it is

DataViewer is a library that helps manage display for search results. This is most often for tables, but it can display lists as well. Essentially the purpose of this library is to give you one method of interacting with and displaying your data, regardless of source.

What it does

  • Execute a search using Kinetic Bridges OR take input from other searches OR it can take input from fields on the screen
  • Display search results in a consistent format (DataTable and Unordered Lists included.)
  • Easy to implement
  • Consistent, reusable configuration driven.
  • Commonly used behaviors and functionality included in library's core functionality
  • The ability for the developer to insert custom behavior, through callbacks, at several points in the data search, display and selection.
  • Field values can be set upon user selection of results

How it helps your implementation

DataViewer is a library which provides a reusable and constant way to build search functionality into a form and display the results. Commonly used behavior is included in the functionality (ie: Set field values in a row or list selection), and results can be displayed as a Table or List. Custom Renderers may also be created to display search results in an alternate format. The library is configuration driven, reducing the need to create JS when creating simple tables from search results.