Understanding Space and Kapp Basics

Anne Rosebery
Platform Admins

As discussed Understanding the Platform, Spaces are a way of providing multi-tenancy to the Request component of the platform. If your Request component is installed as /kinetic, your space administration will be available at /kinetic/app. This is not something you are likely to access often unless you are going to be a service provider who is creating, updating, and managing spaces regularly. Mostly, once a space is initially set up, you will access it and all of it's subcomponents using /kinetic/your-space-slug/app (replacing your-space-slug with the slug for your space).

Within this space, you will be able to manage:

  • Space Settings
  • Bridges with Bridge Models and Mappings
  • Teams
  • Users
  • Security Definitions
  • Datastore Forms
  • Attributes for Space, Teams, and Users
  • Kapps
  • Webhooks for Space, Teams, and Users

Each created Kapp will have it's own management section which will allow you to managed the kapp subcomponents:

  • Kapp Settings
  • Forms
  • Submissions
  • Form Types
  • Security Definitions
  • Category Definitions
  • Attribute Definitions for Kapps, Categories, and Forms
  • Webhooks for Forms and Submissions

The items up in the space settings, think bridges, users, and teams, are available to all of the kapps within that space. However settings within a kapp, think categories, form types, and security definitions, are only available within that one kapp.