Understanding Kapps

Derick Larson

What is a Kapp?

Kapp stands for Kinetic Application. At its most basic, a kapp is meant to be a specific application within a Space. Examples of kapps are Queue (a tasking appliaction) and Services (a Service Portal application).

Since the main component of a kapp is its forms**, the kapp has to provide the infrastructure to support them. In general, this includes:

  • Categories. A way to organize and view forms
  • Security Policies. Restrict access to forms
  • Webhooks. Trigger actions around forms
  • Submissions. View and report on form submissions
  • Settings. How and where to display forms

Another key part of a kapp is how it's displayed. This is normally set in the Settings portion of the kapp, and includes locations for themes, attribute definitions, and other kapp specific support settings.

** a kapp like Calendar or Tech Bar, may have a slightly different focus, but the principles are the same.