Themes Overview

Anne Rosebery
UI/Theme Developers

Beautiful Front Ends

Themes generally refer to the look and feel provided for the UI. This is, indeed, quite separate from the platform because the platform provides a basic HTML structure but the styling of that structure is entirely up to the theme.

The theme files provide the styling for forms and console pages. The theme also provides functionality for console pages and other such pages that aren't forms in the solution.

The theme is also where common code that is shared across multiple forms, both css and javascript, would go; and where you would put any libraries you would want your form developers to be able to access, such as dataTables, dataViewer, and notifie.

While there are many ways to accomplish this, Kinetic has decided to move forward with primarily REACT bundles that contain css and some js for the forms as well.

Themes are Bundles

Once completed a theme will consist of directories and files. The files will be JavaScript, font, image, css, and possibility other file types. Kinetic Data refer to this structure of directories and files as a "bundle". It is common for a bundle to be developed in way that files are grouped by type in the same directory; i.e. all pictures would go in an images directory.