Managing Teams

Anne Rosebery


Teams are useful collections of users that may be used for permissioning, assignment, or organization. There is an interface directly within the Kinetic Platform for Teams, but it may be the case that management of Teams is desired without having to log into the platform directly. For this reason, there is an interface to Teams provided by the default bundle. This interface provides much of the functionality associated with Teams, including:

  • Listing teams (with descriptions)
  • Adding a new Team
  • Updating a Team
  • Deleting a Team
  • Adding and removing members of a Team

New Teams

When adding a new team, only the team details are set. Any associated/related information, such as subteams or membership, are set up after the team is created.


  • Display Name: The name you wish to assign to this team. Note that this is not the unique identifier for the team.
  • Description: This is available in listings of Teams and the team page users will see.
  • Parent Team: If this team is a subteam, select the parent team. Otherwise, leave this blank.
  • Assignable: This will determine if the team is available in the Queue kapp for assignment of approvals and tasks.
  • Icon: A font awesome icon that will be displayed for this team.

Editing a Team

Editing a team provides the ability to update all the settings provided when creating a new team, plus allows you to:

  • Delete the team
  • Add and remove members from the team
  • Add subteams for this team