VMWare VSphere Virtual Machine Reset VERSION 1

This handler is designed to reset a virtual machine on a VMWare VSphere server that matches the name supplied to it. It logs in to the VSphere server using the server's administrative URL, user ID and password that are set as info_value records for the task. Once logged in, the virtual machine name is verified and then a signal is sent to it to reset the VM. The reset process is actually two separate processes. First a power off process is called which performs the equivalent of a "hard" shut down. That is followed by the power on process.

This handler uses the VMWare VI (vSphere) Java API (see http://vijava.sourceforge.net/ for more information). The api is deployed as a Java archive file (jar) and is stored in this handler's vendor directory. If the vijava jar file is stored somewhere else on the classpath, the jar file stored in this handler's vendor directory is not used. It is recommended that there are no vijava jar files stored anywhere on the classpath, and that all VMWare VSphere handlers contain the same vijava jar file in their vendor directory.


VM NameThe name of the VM that you want to reset

Sample Configuration

VM Name<%=@answers['VM Name']%>


This handler does not return any results.


No Changelog Available.