Counter Bridge Adapter


The Counter Adapter is an adapter that is installed into Kinetic Bridgehub that counts up and returns a new number every time it is called.


Note: Check to ensure that this adapter isn't already installed into your bridgehub as part of the base installation before undertaking the installation tasks.

  • Download the kinetic-bridges-adapter-counter.jar file and it's dependencies here
  • Put all of the downloaded files into the WEB-INF/lib folder for you kinetic-bridgehub installation
  • Restart the tomcat that your kinetic-bridgehub installation is located in


Configuration Values

Name Description
File Name The name of the configuration file that the count will be stored in. Use different names for independent counters.

Example Configuration

Name Value
File Name counter-config

Configuration Description

The File Name configuration value is the name of the configuration file that contains what the current count is. If you specify a file name that has already been used on another counter bridge, the new bridge will continue counting up from where the current bridge left off. If you specify a new file name, the bridge will start the count from base count value.

**Example: **If you have a bridge with a file name of counter-config _that has a current count of 450. If you create a new bridge with a file name of _counter-config, the first count will be 500 (the next available chunk after 400 with chunk sizes of 100). If you create a new bridge with a file name of _incident-config _though, your first count will be 100 (the lowest count value).

Structures, Fields, and Queries

**Note: **This call will return values even when a Structure, Field, and Query aren't supplied, but these are the suggested values to use when mapping the bridge.


_There are no valid queries for this bridge. _To use this bridge with Request CE, where a query is required, create a qualification (something like Increment) and then edit the qualification mapping and accept it as being blank.


v1.0.1 (2016-05-10)

  • File Name parameter added to allow for different bridges to keep different counters if the file name is different

v1.0.0 (2016-02-16)