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A set of generic utilitys for creating or manipulating data.


Name Generator V1

Generates a simple name like: frosty-tree-15.

Sample Data Create V1

This handler generate fake data based for testing.

Utility CSV To JSON V1

This handler converts a CSV string into a JSON string.

Utility CSV To XML V1

Converts a CSV string to an XML string

Utility Determine Next Occurrence V2

This handler determines the next occurence based on a provided start time and other recurrence information

Utility File Append V1

Appends the content input to the end of the specified file.

Utility Json Parse V1

This handler parses a JSON string with a given path and returns the data found at the path

Json Path Parse V1

Json path parse handler will apply the jayway json path expression to the provided object.

Utility JSON To CSV V2

This handler converts a JSON string into a CSV string.

Utility JSON To HTML V3

This handler converts a JSON string into a HTML table.

Utility JSON to Results V3

Converts JSON to XML result.

Utility JSON To XML V1

This handler converts a JSON string into an XML string.

Utility Random Password Generate V1

Generates a human readable random password - intended to be immediately changed once used.


Counter Bridge Adapter V
The Counter Adapter is an adapter that is installed into Kinetic Bridgehub that counts up and returns a new number every time it is…