ServiceNow Group Update VERSION 1

This handler allows you to update a uer group for service now. It uses the unique sysid to determine what group to update and then takes the input parameters and passes them in a REST call to Service Now to update the group. Any fields left empty will not be updated. An error will be thrown if the sysid does not correspond to a valid user group.


Sys IdThe sys_id of the user group you want to update.
NameThe new name of the user group.
Group EmailThe new group email of the user group.
ManagerThe new manager id of the user group.
ParentThe new parent id of the user group.
DescriptionThe new description of the user group.

Sample Configuration

Sys Idvt53580t0s0s0s6501ss37u294s2ts6t
NameSample Name
DescriptionSample Description


This handler does not return any results.


ServiceNow Group Update V1.1 (2017-09-22)

* Moving from the Service Now JSON Web Service (no longer supported) to the REST API.

ServiceNow Group Update V1 (2013-07-29)

* Initial version. See README for details.