Nagios XI Retrieve Objects VERSION 1

This handler retrieves object records from Nagios XI. API Documentation


error handlingDetermine what to return if an error is encountered.
return typeThe format that the results should be returned in.
object typeThe type of the object to retrieve.
start timeEpoch start time for object record creation. Default -24 hours.
end timeEpoch end time for object record creation. Defaults to now.
recordsAmount of records and optionally starting at. 10:20 Displays the the next 10 records after the 20th record. Defaults to all.
order bySpecifies a column to sort on along with sort type. Example: name:d
columnsSimple JSON object that has columns as keys and equality expressions as values in either string or array format. See or for examples.

Sample Configuration

error handlingError Message
return typeJSON
object typeservice
start time
end time
order by
columns{"service_description": <%= "lk:#{@results['some echo node']['output']}".inspect } %>}


NameSample Result
Handler Error MessageError message if set to return - blank if no errors.
Nagios XI ResponseNagios response if set to return.


No Changelog Available.