Nagios XI Create User VERSION 1

This handler creates a new Nagios XI user object. API Documentation


error handlingDetermine what to return if an error is encountered.
return responsetrue or false. Determines if Kinetic Task returns the Nagios response output.
usernameNew user username.
passwordPassword for the new user.
nameName of the new user.
emailEmail address of the new user.
force password changeDetermines if user must change password on first login. Default is 1 (yes)
email infoSend e-mail to user with their new account information. Default is 1 (yes)
monitoring contactDetermines if a monitoring contact is made for this user. Default is 1 (yes)
enable notificationsDetermines if the user will get notifications. Default is 1 (yes)
languageSets the users preferred language. Default is xi default.
date formatSets the users preferred date format. Default is 1 (YYYY-MM-DD)
number formatSets the users preferred number format. Default is 1 (1000.00)
authorization levelSets the users authorization level. Default is user. Other option is admin.
can see all objectsAllows a user to view all objects that are configured no matter what what contact group they are in or what objects they are contacts of. Default value is 0 (no).
can control all hosts and servicesAllows a user to configure - acknowledge problems, schedule downtime, toggle notifications and force checks on all objects. Default value is 0 (no).
can reconfigure all hosts and servicesAllows a user to be able to re-configure a host/service from the status screen under by using the re-configure option to set contacts, update check intervals, amount of checks for hard state, etc. Default value is 0 (no).
can control engineAllows a user to restart the Nagios Core engine. Default value is 0 (no).
can use advanced featuresAllows the user to see the CCM links. Shows the check_command in the re-configure host/service page. Shows advanced tab with advanced commands in the host/service detail pages. Allows setting parents during wizards and re-configuration. Default value is 0 (no).
read onlySet if the user only has read access. Default value is 0 (no).

Sample Configuration

error handlingRaise Error
return responseyes
nameJordan McDouglas
force password change
email info
monitoring contact
enable notifications
date format
number format
authorization level
can see all objects
can control all hosts and services
can reconfigure all hosts and services
can control engine
can use advanced features
read only


NameSample Result
Handler Error MessageError message if set to return - blank if no errors.
Nagios XI ResponseNagios response if set to return.


No Changelog Available.