MS SQL Bridge Adapter


The MSSQL Adapter provides access into the Microsoft SQL Server database. It is an extension of the Generic Database Bridge, and has been customized to simplify the deployment and implement MSSQL specific features.


Note: Check to ensure that this adapter isn't already installed into your bridgehub as part of the base installation before undertaking the installation tasks.

Using Integrated Security

In order to use the integrated security option (authenticating with the Microsoft SQL Server as the user running your J2EE application server) you must follow the steps below after deploying the WAR file:

  • Determine if the JVM your java applicaiton server is running on is either 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Download the zip that contains the sqljdbc_auth.dll and copy either the 32-bit (/sqljdbcauth/x86/sqljdbcauth.dll) or 64-bit (/sqljdbcauth/x64/sqljdbcauth.dll) version of the sqljdbc_auth.dll file that matches the architecture your JVM is using to a directory specified in your java.library.path variable.
  • Make sure your java application server is running as the Windows user account that you want to use for authenticating against the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Restart your java application server.
  • Login to the bridge administrator console and change the 'Integrated Security' option from "No" to "Yes" (the Username and Password fields will be ignored now), set the Server, Port, and Database Name properties for your environment and save the changes.


Configuration Values

Name Description
Use Integrated Security Select 'Yes' to use Integrated Security
Username Database user
Password Database password
Server Database server location
Port Database server port
Database Name Database name

Example Configuration

Name Value
Use Integrated Security No
Username sa
Password supersecretpassword
Port 1433
Database Name ARSystem

Structures, Fields, and Queries


Structure maps to a Table name in the currently connected database


Fields map to the field names in the currently connected database and table


Queries map to the language of the currently connected database type


v1.0.0 (2016-07-08)

  • Initial Version