SharePoint List Item Update VERSION 1

This handler updates an item for a given Sharepoint list using the REST API and basic authentication. The item content to be updated is passed as a JSON string, where the keys are the list item labels (Title, Due Date, etc) and the values are the values to place in those columns when the item is updated. The field keys for a list can also be found by using Sharepoint List Items Retrieve to get an already created item, which can then be used to determine which keys match up with what columns. Any errors that happen during the call are caught and re-raised and the handler will return an empty result set upon a successful update.

  • Make sure the SharePoint Web Services database is turned on.


List NameThe name of the list that the item should be updated on.
Item IdThe id of the item to update.
Item (JSON)A JSON representation of what the item should be updated to.

Sample Configuration

List NameSample List
Item Id3
Item (JSON){"Title": "Updated Title", "Random Number": 17, "Random Date": "2017-12-31"}


This handler does not return any results.


No Changelog Available.