MSProject Project Create VERSION 1

This handler makes a REST call Microsoft Project Online to the Project Server API to create a project in MS Project. After authenticating against the Project Server using the inputted username and password, the handler first makes a call to Project to get a FormDigestValue which is needed as a part of the authentication for future calls. That value is then used along with the inputted parameters for the Enterprise Project Type and Name to make a POST request to the API to create the project while returning the id for the new project. Any errors that occur during this process will be caught and re-raised by the handler.


Enterprise Project TypeThe guid of the enterprise project type that this project will use.
NameThe name of the new project.

Sample Configuration

Enterprise Project Typee5b49b78-eb74-4a60-a38f-88e5c887be49
NameTest Project


NameSample Result
Project Id


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