Mir3 Notification Sendasdfa VERSION 1

Using Mir3's SOAP API, an API call is made to send a new simple notification that is built using the inputted properties. The SOAP request body is created based on what type of notification method is chosen (Broadcast, First Response, Callout, or Bulletin Board) and is then sent to the Users associated with the usernames from the comma separated recipient list. The current options available just represent the minimal message that can be sent and much more can be done with the Mir3 API if the handler is updated/forked to use these extra capabilities. On a successful call, a Notification Report Id will be returned which can be used to check the notification status. This handler is currently using version 4.14 of the Mir3 API.


TitleNotification title.
DescriptionA notification description (that isn't visible to normal recipients).
Notification MethodWhat type of notification method to use.
MessageMessage to send to the recipients.
Recipient Usernames (CSV)A comma separated list of usernames that will recieve the notification.
Response Options (CSV)A comma separated list of response options that will be sent to the recipients.
Broadcast Duration (Mins)The duration of the Broadcast or Bulletin Board notification in minutes.
Callout Success TotalFor a callout, the amount of people that need to response to consider the notification a success.

Sample Configuration

TitleSample Notification
DescriptionA description that recipients can't see
Notification MethodBroadcast
MessageThis is a sample broadcast notification
Recipient Usernames (CSV)marymanager.acme,dondemo.acme
Response Options (CSV)Option 1,Option 2
Broadcast Duration (Mins)60
Callout Success Total


NameSample Result
IdId of the newly created notification report


Mir3 Notification Send V1 (2018-02-08)

  • Initial version. See README for details.