Mir3 Notification Report Recipients Retrieve VERSION 1

Using Mir3's SOAP API, an API call is made using a notification id and a query type to retrieve the receipients of a single notification. The SOAP request body is created with the authentication values, the notification id, and whatever query information is needed and is then passed to the getNotificationReportRecipientsOp SOAP Action. If successful, the XML results will contain simple string representations of the fields that the Mir3 API returns. The only exception to this is the Recipients JSON field, which is a JSON representation of the XML that is returned with the User response statistics for the returned notification. This handler is currently using version 4.14 of the Mir3 API.

Query Types

  • All Contacted: ALL_CONTACTED

    • Matches all Recipients who have been contacted.
  • All Responded: ALL_RESPONDED

    • Matches all Recipients who have responded.
  • No Response: NO_RESPONSE

    • All Recipients who have been contacted but have not responded.
  • Response Option: RESPONSE_OPTION

    • All Recipients who have selected a particular response option.
  • All Recipients: ALL_RECIPIENTS

    • Matches all Recipients, including those who have not yet been contacted.
  • Not Contacted: NOT_CONTACTED

    • Matches all Recipients who have not yet been contacted.
  • Single Recipient: RECIPIENT

    • Matches a single Recipient, identified by RecipientReportId.
  • All Recipients: ALL_RECIPIENTS

    • Matches all Recipients, including those who have not yet


Notification UUIDThe Id of the notification to retrieve the recipients for.
Query TypeFilter the recipient report with one of the provided values.
Response Option UUIDIf the query type 'Response Option' is selected, the Id of the response option to query on.
Recipient UUIDIf query type 'Single Recipient' is selected, the Id of a recipient to query.

Sample Configuration

Notification UUID03fa9eb2-0003-3000-80c0-fceb55463ffe
Query TypeSingle Recipient
Response Option UUID
Recipient UUID020d5df8-0007-3000-80c0-fceb55463ffe


NameSample Result
Total Calls
Total Emails
Total Faxes
Total SMS
Total Pages
Total Mobile App Devices
Total Recipients
Answering Machine Connected Count
Answering Machine Disconnected Count
Answering Machine Undelievered Count
Busy Count
Network Busy Count
Hang Up Count
Hang Up Complete Count
Invalid Response Count
Left Message Count
No Answer Count
Not At This Location Count
Response Count
Wrong Address Count
Tdd Complete Count
Tdd Partial Count
Tdd Undelievered Count
Other Count
Blackberry Count
Recipients JSON


No Changelog Available.