Kinetic Task Tree Run VERSION 1

This handler uses the Kinetic Task REST API to start a new run of an existing tree. To configure the info values, you'll need your username, password, and the url where your task instance is located. The handler assembles the endpoint to the intended tree and then sends a POST to it (including the body of JSON key/value pairs if it was not left blank). The handler will return the run id of the process that was started by this handler.


SourceThe source for the tree you want to run.
GroupThe group of the tree you want to run.
Tree NameThe name of the tree you want to run.
BodyA JSON string of name/value pairs that will be passed to the tree as body content.

Sample Configuration

Tree NameAPI
Body{"String1": "Source", "String2": "Data"}


NameSample Result
run_idThe run id of the tree that was just started.


No Changelog Available.