Kinetic Sample Incident Create VERSION 2

The KSSAMPLEIncident form is a simple incident form with a limited number of fields on it. This handler is designed to create a record in the form and return the Request ID of the record created. The only user information required is the requester's AR UserID or email address. The handler then goes out and checks if the value entered matches an existing UserID. If no results are returned, it then checks to see if the value entered matches an existing email address. If that doesn't return data it raises an exception.

The following data is used to create the KSSAMPLEIncident record:

  • Maps the deferral token of the task instance generated by this handler into the 'Link Id' field.

  • Sets the following field values to the specified values:

    • 'Case Type' => "Incident"

    • 'Status' => "New"

    • 'Priority' => "Low"

  • Sets the following field values to the values of the specified parameters:

    • 'AR Login' => "Login ID"

    • 'Summary' => "Summary"

    • 'Description' => "Description"

  • Sets the following KSSAMPLEIncident field values to the specified field values of the retrieved KSSAMPLEPeople record:

    • 'AR Login'

    • 'First Name'

    • 'Last Name'

    • 'Full Name'

    • 'Phone Number'

    • 'Email'

    • 'Region'

    • 'Site'

    • 'Department'

    • 'Office'

    • 'Company'


Login IDEither the Remedy AR Login ID or the email address of the requester
SummaryA short summary of the incident
DescriptionA detailed description of the incident

Sample Configuration

Login ID<%=@answers['Requester Login ID']%>
Description<%=@answers['Incident Description']%>


NameSample Result
Entry IdThe 'Request ID' of the incident that gets created.
Deferral Token


No Changelog Available.