Kinetic Request Submission Build Attachment URL VERSION 2

Note that this handler will return empty values if the attachment question specified was not answered on the submission. Also note that this handler will raise an exception if the specified menu label is not a question on the service item.


Question Menu LabelThe menu label of the question whose attachment answer we want to generate an HTML link to.
Customer Survey Instance IDInstance ID of the customer request.
Survey Template Instance IDInstance ID of the Service Item Template.

Sample Configuration

Question Menu LabelAttachmentOne
Customer Survey Instance IDAG00505696001CAWPlTQLiqjHwxtwG
Survey Template Instance IDKS001C23432DF0a0rRTQNTmqAAPDMA


NameSample Result
URLThe URL of the file download link generated by this handler.
File NameThe name of the attachment file that was the answer to the specified question.


No Changelog Available.