KAPP Assignment Group Membership Lookup VERSION 1

If an assignee is provided, only their information is returned. Otherwise, emails and login information for everyone in the group is returned.

Emails are comma delimited. XML format of the membership list looks like this: Allen Mary


Assignee Login IdThe assignee login id to get the email address for
Support Group IdThe Support Group id to return email addresses for

Sample Configuration

Assignee Login Id<%=@results['Retrieve Work Order']['AssignedIndividualID']%>
Support Group Id<%=@results['Retrieve Work Order']['AssignedGroupID']%>


NameSample Result
Email ListComma delimited list of email addresses of the group members if no assignee provided. Assignee email if assignee provided.
Membership ListXML list of all membership of the group if no assignee provided. XML list of just assignee login ID if assignee provided.


No Changelog Available.