Kinetic Discussions Discussion Create VERSION 1

This handler uses the OAuth client ID and client secret to retrieve an access token that connects to the Kinetic Discussions API.


Error HandlingDetermine what to return if an error is encountered.
CE SpaceThe CE space of the discussion you are trying to create. Optional. Defaults to handler info property.
TitleThe title of the new discussion.
DescriptionThe description of the new discussion.
Is ArchivedArchived discussions do not allow new messages added to them.
Is PrivatePrivate discussions only allow people to see the discussion if they have been explicitly invited to it. Join policy is ignored if set to true.
Join PolicySecurity policy name for allowing people to join.
Owning UsersJSON array of CE users allowed to manage the new discussion.
Owning TeamsJSON array of CE team names allowed to manage the new discussion.

Sample Configuration

Error HandlingError Message
TitleThis is a new discussion
Is Archivedfalse
Is Privatefalse
Join PolicyAuthenticated Users
Owning Users<%= [""].to_json %>
Owning Teams<%= ["Administrators"].to_json %>
CE Space


NameSample Result
Handler Error MessageError message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".
DiscussionDetails about the new discussion, JSON formatted.


No Changelog Available.