Kinetic Request CE Submission Retrieve VERSION 2

This handler retrieves a submission by either id or query. If retrieving by query, the handler queries the given space/kapp/form in the form of q={inputted_query}. The query that is used to return back a submission should be a query unique enough to bring back one record, although if it is not unique the handler will not currently fail and will instead just return the first submission returned. If searching by id, only the id needs to be inputted to return that submission.


Error HandlingDetermine what to return if an error is encountered.
Space SlugThe Space the submission is being retrieved from (defaults to info value if not provided).
Retrieve ByHow to retrieve the submission. Id or Query.
Kapp SlugSlug of the kapp to query
Form SlugSlug of the form to query
QueryA query that will retrieve a single submission
Submission IdThe id of the submission being retrieved.

Sample Configuration

Error HandlingError Message
Space Slug
Retrieve ByQuery
Kapp Slugtest-kapp
Form Slugtest-form
Queryvalues[Unique Field]="unique value"
Submission Id


NameSample Result
Handler Error MessageError message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".
IDID of the submission that was entered.
LabelLabel of the submission.
HandleHandle of the submission (last 6 of ID)
OriginOriginating ID. This is typically the ID of a different submission.
ParentParent ID.
Submitted AtSubmitted Date/Time
Submitted ByUser that submitted the submission
Updated AtClosed Date/Time
Updated ByUser ID for Last Updated
Closed AtClosed Date/Time
Core StateStatus: Draft, Submitted, or Closed
Created AtCreated Date/Time
Created ByUser ID that created the submission
Form DescriptionDescription on the submission's form
Form NameName of the submission's form
Form NotesNotes on the submission's form
Form SlugSlug of the submission's form
Form StatusStatus of the submission's form
Kapp NameName of the submission's kapp
Kapp SlugSlug of the submission's kapp
Current PageThe Current Page of the submission
Values JSONJSON Result of submission's Values


No Changelog Available.