Kinetic Core System Bridge Adapter


The Kinetic Core System Adapter is an adapter that is installed into Kinetic Bridgehub that allows data from the Kinetic Core System API to be pulled back using bridging.


Note: Check to ensure that this adapter isn't already installed into your bridgehub as part of the base installation before undertaking the installation tasks.

  • Download the kinetic-bridges-adapter-kineticcore.jar file and it's dependencies here
  • Put all of the downloaded files into the WEB-INF/lib folder for you kinetic-bridgehub installation
  • Restart the tomcat that your kinetic-bridgehub installation is located in
  • Included with default kinetic-bridgehub installation starting with v1.2.0


Configuration Values

| ----- | | Name | Description |
| Username | A username with access to the Kinetic Request CE Admin Console |
| Password | A password that is associated with the username |
| Kinetic Core Space Url | The URL location of the Kinetic Request CE installation without a space specified (ie. https://localhost:8080/kinetic) |

Example Configuration

| ----- | | Name | Value |
| Username | |
| Password | secret-password |
| Kinetic Core Space Url | https://localhost:8080/kinetic |

Structures, Fields, and Queries

The following is a list of structures along with the fields and query strategies that can be used for each of them.



  • The default and detail fields from the Space object in the Kinetic Core API
  • Example/Useful fields

    • name
    • slug
    • createdAt/createdBy
    • afterLogoutPath
    • bundlePath


  • Any returned field can be searched (field=value)
  • Any search can also use the wildcard character (%)



  • Any field from the User object in the Kinetic Core API
  • Can retrieve attributes and profileAttributes by including attributes[Attribute Name] as a field

    • ie. To get an attribute with a name of Group, the field would be attributes[Group]
  • Example/Useful fields

    • displayName
    • username
    • spaceAdmin
    • email
    • enabled
    • attributes[Attribute Name]
    • profileAttributes[Attribute Name]


  • Retrieve by a single user

    • username={username}

      • ie.
    • Using the searching syntax described below is allowed if a query that guarantees a unique user is used
  • Search for a user

    • Any returned field can be searched (field=value)

      • ie.[Group]=Administrator
      • ie. enabled=true
    • Any search can also use a wildcard character - use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard

      • ie.
      • ie. displayName=%tom%&
    • To search for a pattern across multiple fields, use pattern={string}&fields={comma separated fields to match against}

      • ie. pattern=tom&fields=displayName,email,username

        • This essentially works as an OR across multiple fields. The example is checking if "tom" is included in one of the displayName, email, or username fields.


v1.0.0 (2017-11-14)