GitLab Webhook Create VERSION 1

Creates a new webhook using a user's private token (obtained in GitLab under the intended user's 'Settings' => 'Account') and the new webhook information. The URL and Secret Token are values that are used to build and send the request when a GitLab action fires the webhook (a secret token is not required) while trigger events determine when the webhook is triggered. For more information on configuring webhooks in GitLab, see GitLab's general webhook documentation ( If the webhook is successfully created, the newly created webhook id will be returned in the results.


Project GroupPath of the group where the project is located (defaults to the GitLab default group if not provided).
Project PathPath of the project where the branch should be created.
URLURL for the webhook.
Secret TokenSecret Token for the webhook (send with the webhook request in the X-Gitlab-Token header).
Enable SSL VerificationDo SSL verification when the webhook is triggered ('true' or 'false').
Trigger EventsA comma separated list of events that will trigger the webhook. Options are: 'push','issues','merge','tag_push','note','job','pipeline','wiki'.

Sample Configuration

Project Groupsuper-secret-group
Project Pathtest-project
Secret Token123456789
Enable SSL Verificationfalse
Trigger Eventspush,merge


NameSample Result
Webhook IdIf the webhook was successfully created, the id of the newly created webhook.


GitLab Webhook Create V1 (2017-10-02)

* Initial version. See README for details.