GitLab Project Create VERSION 1

Creates a new project in the given GitLab instance using a user's private token (obtained in GitLab under the intended user's 'Settings' => 'Account') and information about the new project. If the new project should be placed under an existing group, the handler first has to do a search to retrieve the id for a group matching the inputted path. A POST object is then created using the name/path (at least one is required to be provided), the group id (if a group was provdied), as well as any of the remaining input parameters. If any errors are caught on the creation attempt they will be caught and raised along with the error code and message. If there are no errors, an id for the newly created project will be returned.


NameReadable name for the new project (if not provided the path will determine the name).
PathURL path for the new project (if not provided the name will determine the path).
DescriptionDescription of the new project.
GroupPath for the group that the project should be placed in.
Default BranchDefault branch for the project (if not provided, default is master).
VisibilityVisibility options are 'private', 'internal', or 'public'. Will default to the group or organization default if not provided.

Sample Configuration

NameMy Test Project
DescriptionA test repository created by test.user
Default Branchdevelop


NameSample Result
Project IdIf the project is succesfully created, the id for the newly created project


GitLab Project Create V1 (2017-10-02)

* Initial version. See README for details.