Citrix Meeting Retrieve VERSION 1

This handler allows you to retrieve an existing meeting for Citrix. It uses the Citrix REST API to complete this action.


The user oauth token


Meeting IdUnqiue Id of the meeting

Sample Configuration

Meeting Id123456


NameSample Result
createTimeWhen this meeting was created
passwordRequiredwhether there is a password required for this meeting
statuswhether the meeting is active or not
subjectThe subject of this meeting
endTimeScheduled end time of this meeting
conferenceCallInfoInfo including phone numbers and access code
startTimeScheduled start time for this meeeting
durationTime duration of the meeting
maxParticipantsHow many participants are allowed in the meeting
meetingIdId value of the meeting
meetingKeyKey value of the meeting
meetingTypeType of meeting immediate, scheduled, or recurring
uniqueMeetingIdId unique to this meeting if recurring


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