Remedy Generic Create VERSION 2

This handler takes a json as input of a format like {"DB field Name":"value to place in field"} and uses this to create a record in the specified form.

At times, you may need to set Currency Fields in Remedy. This is accomplished by formatting the value as follows: { ... "My Currency Field":{"value":100.0,"currency":"USD"}, ... } The value portion must be parsed as a float. You can accomplish this as follows in the Field Values parameter: <%= { 'Text Field 1' => 'ABCD-EFG', 'Text Field 2' => '123456', 'Currency Field 1' => {'value' => @inputs["Currency Input"].to_f, 'currency' => 'USD' }, }.to_json %>


Form NameForm Name
Field ValuesJSON mapping of field values

Sample Configuration

Form NameHPD:LoadTemplate
Field Values{"Template Identifier":"<%=@answers['Template Identifier']%>","Template Name":"<%=@answers['Template Name']%>","Status Template":"<%=@answers['Template Status']%>","Template Category Tier 1":"<%=@answers['Template Category Tier 1']%>","Description":"<%=@answers['Summary']%>","Detailed Decription":"<%=@answers['Notes']%>","Reported Source":"<%=@answers['Reported Source']%>","Service Type":"<%=@answers['Incident Type']%>","Status":"<%=@answers['Status']%>","Impact":"<%=@answers['Impact']%>","Urgency":"<%=@answers['Urgency']%>","Assigned Support Company":"<%=@answers['Assigned Support Company']%>","Assigned Support Organization":"<%=@answers['Assigned Support Organization']%>","Assigned Group":"<%=@answers['Authoring Group']%>","Authoring Company":"<%=@answers['Authoring Company']%>","Authoring Organization":"<%=@answers['Authoring Organization']%>","Authoring Group":"<%=@answers['Authoring Group']%>"}


NameSample Result
Entry IdId of the created entry.


Remedy Generic Create V2.1 (2018-05-23)

* Added check for Task version before loading JSON dependency so it will work with both Task 3 & 4.

Remedy Generic Create V2 (2016-08-25)

*Added debug logging capability. Added JSON library so will work in Task 3.