ARS9 Generic Query Retrieve VERSION 1

This handler returns all the fields for the query provided in the form specified. This is returned in XML format (like below). <field_list> <field id='Request ID'>000000000000001</field> <field id='Creator'>Action Request Installer Account</field> <field id='Create Date'>Mon Apr 25 16:42:22 -0400 2011</field> <field id='Assigned To'></field> <field id='Last Modified By'>Demo</field> <field id='Modified Date'>Wed Dec 07 11:46:47 -0500 2011</field> <field id='Status'>Current</field> </field_list> Note that if there is more than one result, only the first is returned. The sorting (which is returned first) is determined by the server.


Error HandlingDetermine what to return if an error is encountered.
Remedy Form:Remedy Form Name (not display name), eg. People is CTM:People
Query:Advanced Search Query of the record to retrieve

Sample Configuration

Error Handling
Remedy Form:


NameSample Result
Handler Error MessageError, if one is found
#FIELD NAME PLACE HOLDER#This will actually be one result for each field on the form with the name of the field name and the result of the field content.


No Changelog Available.