BMC ITSM9 Support Group Membership Remove VERSION 1

Removes the given user (indicated by Login ID) to the specified ITSM Support Group using the REST API.


Error HandlingDetermine what to return if an error is encountered.
Member Login IdThe new member login id
ITSM Support CompanyThe ITSM Support Company to Add person to
ITSM Support OrgThe ITSM Support Org to Add person to
ITSM Support Group NameThe ITSM Support Group name to Add person to

Sample Configuration

Error HandlingRaise Error
ITSM Support CompanyMy Company
ITSM Support OrgThis Org
ITSM Support Group NameMy Group
Member Login Id


NameSample Result
Handler Error MessageError, if one is found
ResultJson result of the update


No Changelog Available.