BMC ITSM8 Associations to Asset Create VERSION 1

This handler creates a record in the AST:CMDB Associations form based on the information input by the end user, and returns the Request ID of the record created. The handler is just half of the equation. It should be used in conjunction with bmcitsm8assoctoX_create where X is the type of record you are creating an association with, ex. change, incident, contract.


Consolidated StatusConsolidated Status (status of Form Name01 record, Ex Executed for Contract, Scheduled for Change, etc)
Form Name01Form Name01 (Ex: CTR:MasterContract, HPD:Help Desk, CHG:Infrastructure Change)
Form Name02Form Name02 (Ex: AST:ComputerSystem)
Form Name01 IDINC ID, Change ID, The contract's instance ID, etc
Asset Reconciliation IDThe asset's reconciliation identity
Form Name01 DesciptionINC ID: Summary, Change ID: Summary, Contract Name, etc
Association TypeAssociation type
Request TypeRequest Type (Ex. Contract, Infrastructure Change, Incident, etc)
Lookup KeywordLookup Keyword relates (Class ID of the Asset - ex: MAINCHANGE, MAINHELPDESK, BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM, not required on contract relationships)
Parent Dataset IDParent DataSetID (most likely BMC.ASSET, not used on contract relationships)

Sample Configuration

Consolidated StatusScheduled
Form Name01CHG:Infrastructure Change
Form Name02AST:ComputerSystem
Form Name01 IDCRQ000000012352
Asset Reconciliation IDRE005054661F4Us1NYA8XgpDab
Form Name01 DesciptionCRQ000000012352: Install Windows 7 Patches
Association TypeAttached to
Request TypeInfrastructure Change
Lookup KeywordMAINCHANGE
Parent Dataset IDBMC.ASSET


NameSample Result
AST:CMDB Associations Entry IDThe Request ID of the AST:CMDB Associations record that was created.


No Changelog Available.